Monday, October 29, 2007

But I'm Still Hungry...

Timmy DeSota, a nine-year-old boy from St. Paul Minnesota, admitted to his mom that he left church still feeling hungry even after eating two communion wafers in church. DeSota, no stranger to communion, further admitted that he had never felt so unsatisfied in his life, and that the church should consider switching to a bread that contains more fiber.

His mother, Nancy DeSota, is a former third grade Sunday school teacher, and was no stranger to the theological questions that her son's unsatisfactory feelings imposed. She explained to Timmy that the bread was symbolic for Christ's body and should never be taken to satisfy a physical hunger, rather only to satisfy a spiritual hunger.

Timmy was not happy with this answer, and went to great measures to change the system. After a meeting with the pastor, Timmy was able to convince him that the church indeed was not satisfying the hunger of their congregates, and that they should therefore switch to a multi-grain communion bread.

In a telephone interview, the pastor of the church Charles Webber, acknowledge that a hungry church was less likely to listen in church, and thus would not be fed spiritually.