Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Love Jesus and love to ride hard"

That is an actual quote from the Christian (?) group Set Free Soldiers. Read the quote for yourself in the LA Times. This story is particularly interesting to me for two reasons:

1. It made me late for work because the street was completely blocked off.

2. This is the church my grandparents famously started going to in the nineties after they had a renewed interest in faith. The church was in a different part of the city then, and I remember them taking me a few times; the street would always be full of more motorcycles then I had ever seen in my entire; it was in a large warehouse, and it reminded me of the Steve Martin movie Leap of Faith--people jumping everywhere, a sweaty pastor, a gospel choir, and, of course, Bikers who looked like they probably had killed people in their younger days.

My grandparents left the church for a smaller, quieter, church when a scandal of a different kind broke out (I don't remember the details).

This scandal is actually quite interesting...I recommend you read the whole story at the link above; it will have you saying "The Hell's Angels are still around?" Followed by "What kind of church is this? They have pictures of fist fights on their website?"

Hopefully it all works out in the end; whatever that means...

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Anonymous said...

In prison, those bikers will learn to ride Jesus hard... until Jesus's Mexican gang members retaliate.