Friday, November 02, 2007

Christian Humor News

Yesterday, I started what, for the several weeks, will be a regular feature here on the ChristianHumorist; today I will start one more: Christian Humor News. Each week I'll bring you weird stories, weird facts, and just plain weird stuff in Christian news.

I will still update this site with original material, but it's fun not to be original every now and again.

So with that...Weird Al. What's Weird Al doing on a Christian humor blog you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. Weird Al it seems has a new competitor in the world of parody music, and their name is ApologetiX. The band started a few years back, but are apparently becoming the talk of the Christian town. They have several CDs out and make fun of everyone from Linkin Park to Queen. You can even download them on iTunes!

I listened to samples of a few of there songs, and they're not bad; they're not great either. The only thing funny about them is how few of there songs are actually funny. For a parody band they seemed to take themself very seriously. They kind of remind me of that South Park episode where one of the kids starts a Christian band.

The band is currently on tour on the East Coast. For more information check out:

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