Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Satan’s Hollywood Fiasco - 3/6

Satan got Harvey Maxwell’s call while he lounged in his pool on an inflatable cushion sipping a virgin margarita reading the latest Michael Crighton novel (which, coincidently, he had just bought the movie rights to). He was suffering from heat stroke and took the bad news pleasantly.

It wasn’t until four aspirin and a bubble bath later that night when he realized he’d have to think of something else quick. But he was all out of ideas and he knew time was running out.

The truth was Satan had not had this much control over the world since before Christ. For a period of 3,000 before Christ, Satan easily controlled the thoughts and rituals of almost every single Jew in Israel through idols. Then came Christ, and suddenly there was a solid commitment to only one God and the days of idol worship seemed gone. But with the capture of Hollywood, Satan was able to bring back the glory days of idol worship. Finally Christian’s, Jew’s, Muslim’s, Hindu’s, Buddhist’s, and even Mormon’s worshiped the same god.

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