Thursday, December 06, 2007

Satan’s Hollywood Fiasco - 4/6

Matthew McMillan and Felipe Santiago had an emergency meeting the next day to discuss what they could do to save the decaying Hollywood. They met at Felipe’s hillside Hollywood estate. Each had been up all night with Hollywood on their mind, and they both knew that something had to be done.

Sitting on a balcony overlooking the smog filled city and polluted coastal line, Matthew and Felipe drank nutrition shakes feeling a genuine connection in their mutual commitment to changing things around.

Matthew was very serious about this new Christ thing he had discovered, and he wanted everyone to know. He was even dating Mary Megan Metford for the publicity of it. They went to premieres and award shows last week, and told entertainment reporters all about what it was like to be a Christian Hollywood couple. Both of their publicist were pushing for the two to wed soon, or at least say they were engaged.

“We’re both powerful movie stars.” Matthew reclined in his chair and concluded. “We need to do something.”

“Something for Christ?” Felipe wondered a loud.



“Something original.” Matthew said standing and beginning to pace.


“A movie.”

Felipe excited about seeing Matthew’s vision clearly said, “Exactly.”

“An original Christian movie.”


“But what could we do?”

“Something original.”

Matthew scratches his head, “Maybe we could copy a book?”

“But what book would we copy?”

“Something Christian, perhaps.”

“They’re too cheesy—that’s what I hear anyway.”


Felipe thinks then says, “How about something with guns—like Christians who go on a killing rampage to make peace. Christians like action.”

“That might be a little too intense.” Matthew points out.


“It should be inspiring, but also funny—like the story of a clown with terminal cancer.”

“People might laugh so hard they won’t see the message.” Felipe points out.



Matthew lifts his index finger, “I got it.”


“Yeah—we could do a Hard Days Night. Only we’d use a Christian boy band.”

“But it’s not original—unless—no it wouldn’t work. It needs to be more original to work.” Felipe concludes.


“You know what?”


“I have it.”



“Well let’s hear it.”
Felipe takes a breath then says it, “The Christian Godfather. A frame for frame remake but without the killing and language and a Christian mob boss. And a nice moral message.”

“And an all-star Christian cast?”


“I think we’ve got it.”



Felipe hugged Matthew, then turned on the Die Hard DVD to get them in the mood.

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